Kersten at the Nashua Public Library has been very helpful with access, scans and cutline information.  Here’s what is known about this image, blended with one I took today:

“Main Street”  by Frank M. Ingalls  A 3-story building with a cupola on top at 223 Main Street, the site of Sovereign Bank. There is a diner to the left of building and a small shop to the right  (“Diamonds” “Sale”). On the right is 221 Main St which currently houses Beckonings, a gift shop.

sovereign1 2

I’ve been trying to find a standard treatment for all the images that will run in the paper (beginning tomorrow, April 30, 2013) and I can’t seem to settle on one.  Sometimes a solid image, deposited onto the current photo, is the way to go.  I’ve since tried a more complex blend- feathering edges and incorporating key elements in both the new and old photographs.  This one follows that style and, depending on what I have to work with, may be the default style.

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