Water Street, Nashua. Baldwin, (Eaton and Ayer and American Bobbin) manufacturing operation. Note, here is a link to James Baldwin’s loom shuttle patent.


From Parker’s History of Nashua-

JOSEPHUS BALDWIN, the first mayor of the city, was born in the south part of
Nashua in 1803. His father lived on the Highland Farms, and possessed unusual
mechanical and inventive ability. The son gave his attention to the improvement
of cotton machinery. His first experiment was at New Ipswich in making shuttles
and spools to supply the few cotton-mills then running in New Hampshire. After
the building of the mills at Nashua he returned and began the making of bobbins
and shuttles at the Highland Farm.  In 1836 his works, including a large stock
just finished for the market, was burned.  Without means, he began work in a
room of the machine-shop of the Nashua Manufacturing Company. Here his works were
burned out a second time. But in 1843 he demand for that kind of furnishing which
Mr. Baldwin, of all others, was best able to supply, became so great that,
starting his business on Water Street, he soon built up an extensive manufactory,
employing one hundred and ninety hands.  For fifteen years Mr. Baldwin was the
largest manufacturer of bobbins and shuttles in this country. Like many
enterprising and ingenious men, he gave no attention to financial details, and
allowed the free use of his name to friends, so that he became embarrassed in
1858, and the business, built up by him, passed into the hands of Dr. F.B. Ayer
and Isaac Eaton, by whom it has been continued until recently. Mr. Baldwin died
in 1872.

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